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Khetigaadi Tools online shop

Khetigaadi is the most popular online portal for the farmers which provides accurate specifications, descriptions, and reviews for farming tractors, Implements and agriculture machinery

We provide agriculture tools from khurpa(Sickle) to the tractor on our portal. In Khetigaadi you will get a wide range of hand tools & agriculture machinery. We are aware of farmer's day-to-day life hustle for growing crops. That's why Khetigaadi is providing you with doorstep service for your purchased tool.

Here you can buy popular farming hand tools from reputed brands and at reasonable prices. Also, Khetigaadi regularly announces discounts and offers for various tools and machinery. Here, you will get all the genuine reviews regarding farming tools and implements

Our farmer's voice always motivates us to provide the best online solutions regarding farming tools, tractors, and implements. 

You will get Farming tools like power tiller, sprayers, brush cutter, power weeder, power reaper, earth auger, tarpaulin, and many more agricultural types of equipment. With the help of these tools and types of equipment farmers, overall productivity will increase.

Why KhetiGaadi Shop?

We are a leading online tractor & Implement portal in India. More than 4 million farmers are connected with us. The reason for this success is accuracy. Khetigaadi is more popular among farmers for its support and product description. From our farmer's feedback, we are always trying to find out new easy solutions.

Here you will get a wide range of products and farming-related equipment. Easy check-out will reduce your time for purchasing products.

How to buy Tools on KhetiGaadi?

It’s very simple to buy tools from Khetigaadi. Just visit the shop page and search for your desired tools. Apply filters if required and add tools in your cart. After adding products into cart select your required payment method and pay the amount on clicking the checkout button.

Which Agriculture Tools used in India?

The Tractor Tool makes agriculture work easier. Farm hand tools like backhoe, sprayers, sickle, rakes, balers, hydroponics, seed drills, cultivators, and many more are new agriculture equipment in farming activities. It makes operations more productive and efficient. There are many farming Tools in India used by the farmers for cultivation and others.

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