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Classic Ultra(Growth Booster)

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Classic Ultra (Growth Booster) Benefits-

  • Classic Ultra is used to increase the maximum number of branches in any garden plant. 

  • It is useful for overall growth of the plant.

  • It is also useful for increasing the length and width of the leaves.

  • It is useful for vigorous growth of the plant.

  • It promotes the metabolism of the plant.

  • It enhances the absorption of nutrients required by the plant. 

  • It enhances the feeding ability of the plant.

Dosage- 5-6 Spray per plant(Depends upon plant size)

Method Of Application- By Spraying.

Duration of effect- 7 to 11 Days.

Compatibility- Not compatible with pesticides and fungicides.

Frequency of Application- In the interval of 10-12 days for multi branches & healthy plants.

Chemical composition- Protein(Soya)5%+Glycine1%+Folic Acid1%+Diluvant & Adjuvant 93%,Total-100%

Special Remark- Avoid overdose for new plants, given as per the requirement of plant and pot size.

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