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KhetiGaadi is an online digital platform to provide the best information to the farmers related to all agricultural products, whether it is tractors, farm mechanization, equipment, tires, tractor brands information, tire brand information, various implement information, and many more information regarding agriculture farming.

Also, we try to acknowledge all the latest information for the farmers related to agriculture farming that should be known to farmers.

We provide automated care services to our customers by providing them relevant information to their queries generated. This path is the easiest and fastest mode of the channel that delivers all the essential information to the farmers that helps them to choose the right tractor at the right time.

We have several tractor brands, agricultural implement brands, information related to new tractors and old tractors, comparison between the tractors, and various dealer's information are mentioned only on the website.

How KhetiGaadi Provides Information To Their Clients

Quick Response

KhetiGaadi provides the best solution to the problems asked by the clients. It is through the online digital platforms via email, phone calls, helpline text manner.

Knowing Our Customers

Our first choice is to know the customer’s inquiries, their primary question to the website-related questions, and then suggest to them the right solution.

Listen To Our Clients

We gave the first choice of listening to the client's problems and helped them in choosing the perfect choice of purchasing the tractor.

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KhetiGaadi Web App

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