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Latest tractor implements in india

Implement plays a vital role in agricultural farming. There are various kinds of brands which produce all kinds of implements according to the requirement of the farmers. The implement is perfect for harvesting, ploughing, blowing, etc. There are many brands in the tractor industry that introduced various implements as per the demands of the customers. Some of the tractor industry also manufactures tractor implements and are available at reasonable prices. 

ImplementTypes Of Implement Latest Implement
BALERVertical Baler, Auto Tie Baler,Horizontal Baler, Closed Door BalerNew Holland Small Round Baler, Claas Markant 
SPRAYERPortable Power Sprayer,HTP Sprayers,Orchard Sprayers,Mist Dust Sprayer,Portable Power Sprayer,Knapsack Power Sprayer

Maschio Gaspardo Mounted Sprayer, 

Maschio Gaspardo Mounted Mist Blower 400 

TRAILERStep Deck Trailers,Speciality Trailers,Side-kit Trailers,Stretch RGN Trailers,Extendable Flatbed Trailers,Stretch Single Drop Deck Trailers

Fieldking Non Tipping Trailer FKAT4WNT, Soil Master Tipping Trailer Large (6 Ton),Landforce Tipping Trailer 


PLOUGHMould Board Plough,Disc Type Plough,SubSoiler Plough,Rotary Plough, Chisel or sub surface PloughKhedut MB Plough, Agristar Disc Plough 3 Furrow, New Holland Mould Board-Reversible Hydraulic.
HARROWDisc Harrows,Chain Harrow, Spring Harrows,Roller Harrow.Fieldking Tandem Disc Harrow Medium Series – USA, Shaktiman Power Harrow Regular, Agristar Power Harrow 615 PH.
CULTIVATORBar Point Cultivator,Rigid Tyne Shovel Type Cultivator, Rigid Tyne Cultivator, Spring Tyne Cultivator.Sonalika 11 TYNE, Mahindra Duckfoot, John Deere Heavy Duty Rigid Type.
ROTAVATORMedium Duty Rotavator, Heavy Duty Rotavator, Ground Tiller.Shaktiman Side Shift Series SRT, Dasmesh 642 (6 Feet),Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 205.




Reaper Machine,Rice Straw Cutter,Straw Machine, Paddy Reaper,Soybean Reaper, Agricultural Straw Reaper.Mahindra Straw Reaper,Kartar Straw Reaper 56, Ks Group KSA 756 DB (Plate Model)
PUDDLERMould Board Plow, Disc Harrows,Angular puddlers, Root tillers.-
SPRAYERTrailer sprayer, Backpack Sprayer,UTV Sprayers, Boom sprayers, Boomless Sprayers,MistTractor Mounted Sprayer,Mahindra grapemaster bullet.
DISC HARROWSingle action disc harrow, Double action disc harrow, Offset disc harrowSonalika Disc Harrow,Sonalika Disc Harrow 11 Disc,Sai Dis harrow a0 disc
DISC PLOUGHBullock Drawn, Tractor Drawn, Mounting of Discs.Tafe Disc Plough, Sai Disc Plough 3 bottom.

Implements By Brands are mostly popular for it’s specification, popular uses etc.


Shaktiman Power Harrow M-160 

Shaktiman Power Harrow M-160 is specifically designed for soil preparation. It comes with all the essential features that it performs well in the field. It is accessible with cage roller, spike roller, packer roller etc. The price of Shaktiman Power Harrow M-160 is 1 Lac to 1.15 Lac.

Shaktimaan Flail Mower 

Shaktiman Flail Mower or SFM is one of the primary and most useful farming implements in all modern farming exercises. SFM is designed specifically to cut the heavier grasses from the land. This mower is best suited for cutting the taller grass which any other mower can’t do.

There are some of the benefits used for many purposes:

Boom Sprayer 

Shaktiman Boom Sprayer Protektor 600

This is a newly launched boom sprayer by Shaktiman. It carries 20 liters of diesel tank capacity. The engine is designed in such a way that it works on an oil flow system. It comes with an advanced feature.

Some of the benefits of the Boom Sprayer are as follows:

Shaktiman Regular Series SRT

Shaktiman Regular Series SRT is the commonly used farming implemented by the farmers in large numbers. Here all the accurate and informative information about Shaktiman Regular Series SRT Rotavator is available. This Shaktiman Rotavator has all the necessary qualities and tools that provide ultimate performance. There are some specific features of the Shaktiman Regular Series SRT such as :

The Shaktiman Regular Series SRT comes with L type blades.

The machine is versatile for different crops, soil and applications and gives a better penetration. 

Shaktiman Rotavator application includes: Soil conditioning, weed control, fertilizer incorporation, seedbed preparation and puddling in wetland. 

Shaktiman Regular Series SRT is most suitable for marginal farmers and can prepare for the crops like potato, wheat, sugarcane, vegetables and dry land crops. 

Some of the advantages of Shaktiman Regular Series SRT are as follows:

Side Shift

Shaktiman Side Shift is the most reliable and extensively used farming implement by farmers in modern farming exercises. Here all the detailed information about Shaktiman Side Shift Rotavator is available. This Shaktiman Rotavator has all the inherent qualities that provide ultimate performance in fields. THe various features Of Side Shift implement are as follows: 

Due to all below mentioned Shaktiman Rotavator specification and features this popular farming implement is profitable for farming.

Side shift rotavator is suitable for tractors of 25 HP to 60 HP and available in working width from 116 cm to 178 cm.

Shaktiman Side Shift for tillage has both curved and square Standard Time Construction and both Slip Clutch and Shear Bolt Driveline Safety Device.

Shaktiman Side Shift is mainly used for tilling in vineyards, orchards and other row crop fields.

Shaktiman Rotavator for tillage comes with 200 mm and 7.9 inch of depth and Rotor Tube Diameter is 89 mm or 3.5 inch.

The various advantages of Shaktiman Side Shift Implement are as follows:

Maschio Gaspardo

Maschio Gaspardo is a world-class number one manufacturing company in providing high-quality equipment to the farmers. The company provides all the products after the testing and approval by the government. This brand is always preferred by the dealers for its core values and services. Maschio Gaspardo believes in making advanced technology agricultural implements and putting an effort into making farmers self-reliant.

Most Popular Maschio Gaspardo Products


Agristar manufactures more than 15 Implements with the best quality at an affordable price. Agristar also focused on manufacturing other farm products like plough, planter, rotary tiller, harrow harvester, etc. Agristar all implements are super and best suitable for an Indian farmer as well.

Popular Agristar Implement

Agristar Powervator- Agristar Powervator implement is a secondary tillage machine used for multipurpose applications. It is suitable for both purposes of land field i.e. wet and dry land. It comes with special blades that are useful for perfect seedbed preparation, pulverization, etc. It can also work in hard and soft soil. Alloy steel and induction hardened gears. 

Agristar Disc Plough 3 Furrow - Agristar Disc Plough 3 Furrow is a primary tillage implement. It is suitable to work in adverse conditions like stony, hardy, harsh. It is available in 2 furrows and 3 furrows. 

Agristar Powervator 6 Feet - Agristar Powervator 6 Feet is suitable to work in hard, trash, and adverse conditions of the soil. This implement is used for multipurpose variants and can also work in hard and soft soil conditions. 

Agristar Power Harrow 615 PH - Agristar Power Harrow 615 PH is used for plowing and is primary tillage used in the barren land. It is also suitable for hard soil conditions. The frame is made up of boron steel and is suitable to work in tough conditions. 

Some of the benefits of using Agristar Power Harrow are as follows:

Agristar Potato Planter 2 Row - Potato Planter 2 Row is fully adjustable for crop spacing, row spacing, fertilizer spreading etc. 

John Deere Implements

New Holland Implements

New Holland provides 10+ technologically advanced implements to its customers for effective and efficient work on the field. New Holland provides product supplies an effective product range including happy seeder, landscaping, baler, rotary tiller, reaper, chopper and many more. There are popular models 

New Holland Rotavator RE 205 - It is suitable for all kinds of soil. More blades are provided in the machine for better pulverization. Another feature Duo-one waterproof seal is given which remains long-lasting and again suitable for puddling. This implementation gives better efficiency and less diesel consumption. The company also provides a benefit of one year warranty. 

New Holland Rotavator RE 165 (5 Feet) - It is available with 4 gearboxes and best suitable for all kinds of soil. New Holland Rotavator comes with one-year warranty services and gives less diesel consumption and better efficiency. More blades are provided to implement pulverization. 

New Holland Small Round Baler- New Holland Small Round Baler is used for a post-harvesting. 


Dashmesh brand is a well popular brand by the farmers. It is well known for the quality of implements manufacturers. Dashmesh harvesters are very popular worldwide and offer eight models of Dashmesh harvester. Amongst them Dashmesh popular harvester models are as follows :

Dasmesh 912 4x4

It is useful to work in muddy fields.It comes in a 4 wheel drive and attached with a combine harvester very conveniently. The operating levels are placed at the right hand side of this implement.For increasing the bearing life of the implement split type bullies are essential to work. It carries less weight. A wetland chain type drive is suitable in this implementation. A special steel is used to make unbreakable worms.

Dasmesh 913

Dashmesh 913 comes with a heavy duty and mild steel hubs.The operating levers are situated on the right hand side. To increase bearing life, split type pulley is essential to work well. It carries less weight and chain type drive is suitable for wetland operation. A special steel is used to make unbreakable worms.

Dasmesh 3100 Mini Combine Harvester

Dasmesh 3100 Mini Combine Harvester is used for small purposes.

Dasmesh Straw Chopper 567

Dasmesh Straw Chopper 567 is suitable to work in all conditions of the farm. It works efficiently and effectively.


Mahindra and Mahindra is a popular name in the field tractor industry. Mahindra also manufactures farm implements which are too popular in the market. Mahindra offers more than 40 agricultural implements for the use of farmers. Mahindra offers a good quality of products with greater efficiency. Some of the latest and popular Mahindra implements with their uses are as follows:

Mahindra Trolley  

For general cultivation of work, Mahindra Applitrac's Spring-loaded Cultivator is suitable for all types of root crops. The seedbed is prepared quickly and economically.

Mahindra Trolley is available for multiple agricultural yields and available in 4 wheel and 2 wheel drive applications. From all three sides of the trolley, the material can be unloaded easily. 

The features are provided with excellent functions. Easy coupling and decoupling operations are possible.

Mahindra Cultivator - Mahindra cultivator is easy to operate and saves time. For mixing crop residue the best robust tool is available for breaking up hard land. It is suitable for intercultural operations by adjusting the distance between the tines as per crop requirements. In areas like hard clay cracked up soil, these implements work in better condition.

Mahindra Thresher 

Mahindra thresher primarily functions to separate the grains from the husk and this implement is a tractor PTO driven application. It has a better cleaning ability as compared to the traditional threshing technique.

Adjustable skid height along with sugarcane height. The thresher can be taken to any place in the field for crop threshing. The operational cost is low and offers an easy operating mechanism due to the lesser load on the tractor. 

Mahindra Mouldboard

Mahindra Mouldboard helps in increasing the humus and fertility of the soil. This implement is suitable for removing unwanted grass and breeding places of the pests from deep within the soil. 

Mahindra Disc Harrow

Mahindra Disc Harrow is used for land preparation. For any residual weed coming into the passage, notches are given in the front discs. It is available in different disc sizes to suit the HP of the tractor.

Mahindra Straw Reaper 

It comes in a heavy-duty disc box. Efficient to handle straws in the field after harvesting. It is useful for wheat, corn, soybean crop straws.

Mahindra Riding Type Rice 

Precise transplantation enables high yield. This implement requires and works at a low cost and less manpower. The other features like power steering are best for operating. The Low vibration level does not cause fatigue to the operator. It is available in 6 rows and 8 rows. It requires less maintenance. It is available in 4 wheel drive for deep fields. It works at a higher speed thus saves a lot of time. Fast speed of operation helps save time. The distance is maintained properly between each plant and rows. 

Mahindra Laser And Leveler

Advanced & précised laser technology for leveling the field. An Electric control panel displays signals indicating the drag bucket’s position relative to the finished grade. Enhanced soil moisture distribution & better germination. It is Better control of water distribution with negligible water losses. It Increases fertility of land & better control of water distribution. Higher yield.

Mahindra Rice Transplanter LV63A  

Mahindra Rice Transplanter LV63A is more powerful and useful for operating in severe wetland conditions. It is available in 6 rows and 8 rows. It has 4 wheel drive for deep fields. The Fast speed of operation helps save time. The HST continuously variable transmission. It has a low cost of operation and helps do away with hiring manual labor.


Kubota offers a wide range of farm implements for the use of farmers. These implements are present with greater efficiency and ability. Some of the popular Kubota brand implements are as follows :

Kubota NSD8 

Kubota NSDB rice transplanter has operated with high speed without minimal damaging also. It is a 4-wheel Independent implement. Plough Pan tilts also useful in undulating operational conditions.

Kubota PEM140DI

The transmission is superbly made of iron and provides high resistance with the lifetime warranty provided by the Kubota company. The other feature of steering is reversible and detachable. The operator can easily reverse the side of the clutch when one is worn out. A metal chip is protected by a big sized chain and helps to extend the useful life of the power tiller. The air cleaner adaptor function is an excellent feature that protects from dust and mud splash.

Kubota NSP 4W

Kubota NSP 4W is useful in operating and Planting in an easy manner. 


Lemken OPAL 090 2MB

Lemken OPAL 090 2MB comes with the Optiquick adjustment centre. The plough body is tempered and thus very strong. The optimum settings of the lower link are easily adjusted by the height of the drawbar. The other parts also operate smooth like an additional shear bolt device protects the plough against damage or overload.The large interbody and better under frame clearance avoids the blockages even at close setting for furrows.

Lemken Achat 70-7 Tine

A perfect stubble cultivation implement suitable for light and medium soil conditions. Tine cultivator is a perfect solution for stubble cultivation with an objective to provide a thorough and complete mix of soil and straw to the required working depth, incorporation of crop residues and organic fertilizer into the soil. Economical variety of reversible shares with easy attachment for consistently good penetration and improved mixing.

Lemken Perlite 5-150

A perfect seed bed preparation ideal for all soil conditions. The power harrow is a versatile and efficient implement used for seedbed preparation. it mixes & levels the soil provides the softer look and having granulated yet leveled appearance best suitable for the sowing. The soil will be cultivated to a consistent working depth. The LEMKEN power harrow is suitable for the 40-75 HP range of tractors.

Lemken Achat 70 - 6 Tine

A perfect stubble cultivation implement suitable for light and medium soil conditions. Tine cultivator is a perfect solution for stubble cultivation with an objective to provide a thorough and complete mix of soil and straw to the required working depth, incorporation of crop residues and organic fertilizer into the soil. 


Swaraj brand is one of the largest manufacturing brands in India. It also produces implements for farm mechanisation. Swaraj Round Baler is one of the popular implementations. Round Baler is flexible to work in lower HP tractors also. It has the finest hydraulic power system. It is easily transportable with a 3 point linkage feature. 


The popular Kartar farm implements are as follows:

Kartar Straw Reaper 61 - System designed to provide superior separating performance. It is a Double blower operating behind rushes straw to trolley and at dame time also separates the dust particles. It is a Fully belt operated machine. Comes with an adjustable cutting height.

The other benefits are as follows: 

Low fuel. It has a high performance. The Straw Reaper is a chopper machine that cuts, Threshes & cleans the straw in one operation. 

Kartar Straw Reaper 56 is best to tackle all the problems and more in demands by the customers.. Here you will get all the relevant information about Kartar reaper 56 harvester its main functions and uses. Some of the important benefits of this implement are :

Kartar reaper 56 harvester comes in a range of 50-55 HP.. 

Kartar Straw Reaper 56 harvester is a post-harvester machine.

Kartar Straw Reaper 56 harvester is easily adjustable.

Kartar Straw Reaper 56 is a perfect operating machine. 

Kartar combine harvester Straw Reaper 56 price

Straw reaper price comes at an affordable price and fits in the budget of the customers. 


Universal Cultivator Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded BESLOEHD- Heavy Extra Heavy Spring loaded is manufactured for toughest tillage operations. It is suitable for use in obstructed soil. This implement can loosen the soil to depth up to nine inches.

Spring Loaded Tine Assemblies once fixed cannot move out of position. It loosens and aerates the soil to a depth of up to nine inches. It prepares seed beds quickly and economically. It Comes with high quality reversible steel shovels.

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