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Alawani(Drenching) Kit
₹1219 ₹1370 11.02% off
Growth Special Kit
₹657 ₹690 4.8% off
Flowering Special Kit
₹1633 ₹1745 6.42% off
Drip Special Max Kit
₹1878 ₹1990 5.63% off
Drip Special Kit
₹1657 ₹1760 5.87% off
Banana Special Drip
₹2169 ₹2310 6.1% off
Banana Special - Spray
₹1181 ₹1314 10.12% off
PH Balance and Activator Kit
₹492 ₹580 15.2% off
Vegetable Special Kit
₹716 ₹755 5.21% off
Sugarcane Special Kit
₹1004 ₹1060 5.28% off
Fruit Size Special Kit
₹1744 ₹1835 4.96% off
Sweetning and Colour Kit- Spray
₹680 ₹935 27.3% off
Sweetning and Colour Kit- Drip
₹1368 ₹1465 6.62% off
Paddy Special Kit
₹1057 ₹1120 5.63% off
Cotton Special Kit
₹1170 ₹1274 8.16% off
Soyabean Special Kit
₹1278 ₹1380 7.39% off
Nutrient Management Kit Spray
₹1073 ₹1160 7.5% off
Growth Special Plus Kit
₹2214 ₹2400 7.75% off
Tur Special Kit
₹1278 ₹1380 7.39% off
Onion Special Kit
₹873 ₹930 6.13% off
Chana Special Kit
₹597 ₹640 6.72% off
Nutrient Management Kit Drip
₹904 ₹970 6.8% off
Sugarcane Growth kit
₹1606 ₹1715 6.36% off

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Crop special Kit Products:

KhetiGaadi provides you with the best crop special kit, that will help you to increase your yield effectively. Because our main objective is to utilize our capacity for non-toxic farming research in order to save the farmers by increasing yield/productivity. Encourage farmers to use traditional, sustainable Indian farming methods by developing them. Create wholesome food items without chemicals.

These Crop special kit products are highly recommended by Agri experts and the farmers who use them before.

Benefits of Crop Special kit Products:

There are numerous benefits of these crop special kit products. Some of them are listed below:

  1. They help in growth management and provide sufficient nutrients to the crop for effective growth.

  2. Crop special kit has all the products from taste and color management of crops to growth management of the crops.

  3. Your crops will become disease resistant after the application of these products.

  4. Crops will be healthy and their production rate will increase.

  5. In the addition to these products, soil can increase its fertility and regain its healthy balance of nutrients. 

  6. These products are more reliable than other harmful fertilizers and pesticides. 

  7. Improves natural immunity of crops.

KhetiGaadi is the best solution for buying these special kits, Here’s why?

  1. Indian farming markets have several products for different types of crops, farmers find it so difficult to buy the appropriate products for their particular crops. Therefore KhetiGaadi brought you a better service for finding all the required products in a single special kit.

  2. It is so time-saving and easier, that you find your all products in a single special kit. 

  3. We plan to achieve our aim by providing farmers with all the high-quality products in a single special kit.

  4. Using the right products for your farm, and an efficient manner of optimizing maximum yield are the key factors for providing these special kits.

The special kits for special crops are explained below:

  1. Alawani(Drenching) Kit: Alawani (Drenching) Kits are used to improve the nutrition and health of plants as well as the fertility of the soil.

Its use increases the gap between the two soil particles, naturally increasing the water retention and oxygen circulation in the soil. Alawani(Drenching) Kit increases the food absorption capacity of plants by leaves and roots and helps in the growth of the productive parts of the plant.  



  1. Growth Special Kit: Growth Special Kit is used to increase the maximum number of branches in any crop and helps in the vigorous growth of the crop. It also promotes the metabolism of the crop and enhances the absorption of nutrients required by the crop.


  1. Sugarcane Special Kit: Because it penetrates the leaf surface with ease, the Sugarcane Special Kit is particularly effective. The Sugarcane Special Kit promotes both vigorous sprout growth and an increase in the number of sprouts in the sugarcane crop. It lengthens the cane's internodes, increases its thickness, and consequently adds weight. Through the process of photosynthesis and the full growth of sugarcane, the Sugarcane Special Kit expedites the absorption of nutrients.


  1. Banana Special - spray: The use of Banana Special Spray small plants grow at the same level as other plants. The drop of immature fruits is stopped by the use of Banana Special Spray. The use of Banana Special Spray increases the rate of cell division and due to this, the size of the finger of the Banana also increases. Increase in the availability of essential nutrients for the crops. Increase in soil moisture and fertility.

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