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Humistrong 500gm
₹720 ₹750 4% off
Amistrong Gold 500gm
₹720 ₹750 4% off
Mega Nutri(250ml)
₹307 ₹330 7% off
Mega Nutri(500ml)
₹567 ₹610 7% off
Growth Power 1gm
₹437 ₹480 9% off
Matrix F 500gm
₹883 ₹920 4% off
Kmet 250gm
₹539 ₹580 7% off
Fusion L 1Lit
₹333 ₹360 7.63% off
Nutrimore Combi L 250ml
₹329 ₹350 6% off
Nutrimore Combi L 500ml
₹592 ₹610 3% off
K-Sourse 1 lit
₹804 ₹820 2% off
K-Sourse 5Lit
₹3719 ₹3795 2% off
Nutribond 500gm Pouch
₹553 ₹650 15% off
Nutribond 3Kg Bucket
₹1419 ₹1510 6% off

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SAR Agrochemicals and Fertilizers

About SAR:

SAR Agrochemicals and fertilizers Pvt. Ltd is recognized as one of the most distinguished processors and suppliers of a wide range of organic and inorganic fertilizers, Agro Chemicals, and Growth Promoters. These chemicals are extensively used in the agricultural sector for enhancing the productivity of the crops, improving the soil nutrient content, and facilitating plant growth. SARs range of chemicals is formulated using the latest technology and is well known for its features like purity, long shelf life, and effectiveness.

The company has an excellent infrastructure that includes a well-equipped production unit, and a quality control wing. R&D wing and a capacious warehousing unit. 

SAR New Products 2022:

  • Humistrong

  • Kmet

  • Nutrimore Boron 20

  • Nutrimore Potassium Schoenite

  • Flower Up

Why choose SAR Products?

SAR products are formulated and manufactured using the latest technologies and those products are well known for their features like purity, long shelf life, and effectiveness.

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