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GLADIATOR(Triple Shakti)

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GLADIATOR(Triple Shakti)Benefits-

  • GLADIATOR (Triple Shakti) is used to increase the healthy root growth of every garden plant.

  • It provides amino acid, humic acid, and organic carbon to plants.

  • It is a slow-release granular product for instant & healthy growth of plants at every stage.

  • It Promotes the formation of beneficial microbes in soil and makes the soil more fertile.

  • Environmental stresses such as an attack of diseases are countered by providing plants with endurance.

Dosage- Soil Application- 25 to 50gm/plant(Depends upon plant size)and 500gm/1000 Square foot for Lawn.

Method Of Application- Use the soil application or nearby plant roots.

Duration of effect- 7 to 11 Days.

Compatibility- Not is compatible with pesticides and fungicides.

Frequency of Application- In the interval of 30-45 days for lush green & healthy plants.

Chemical composition- Seaweed Extract-5%+Amino acid-2%+Humic Acid-1.5%+Bentonite Granules-91.5%,Total-100%

Special Remark- Avoid overdose for new plants, given as per the requirement of plant and pot size.

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