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khetigaadi is worlds first online marketplace providing well-structured bidding platforms for buying and selling of Tractors and Implements in Agricultural Mechanization. We provide the one-stop solution for buyers, sellers and manufacturers to connect with each other and fulfill their requirements. We have abundant wealth of Agriculture knowledge and huge experience in both Agro-mechanism and retail sectors.

khetigaadi has a completely innovative, challenge accepting and proven team with combined experience in technology, marketing and E-commerce provides a truly 21st century experience technology-driven market approach that enable your exchange of knowledge and information between two users by carrying transparency, building trust with correct information and services.


To be the largest exchange platform for trading tractors and implements from all major and trivial cities of India providing high quality services constantly determined to connect potential customers. Our goal is to increase the awareness of farm mechanization in Indian farmers and nurture them.


Our mission is to make your Tractors and Farm implements buying or selling process as hassle-free as possible and to provide proper information of tractors & farm implements to the farmers and the manufacturers globally. We committed to total customer satisfaction and constant improvement in performance by providing with complete transparency in farm machinery details thereby building trust, reliability and value for the customers.

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KhetiGaadi Web App

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