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FALCON is one of the leading garden tools manufacturing companies in India. Dua brothers started this company in 1988 in a small workshop of 400 sq. ft. in Ludhiana. Traditional garden implements hand-made by the blacksmiths from villages were available to the gardeners who tended the gardens & vineyards. Such implements, though did their intended job of pruning, hurt the Gardner which slowed down the pruning process as keenly observed by Mr. S. P. Singh Dua. He was convinced that an operator-friendly & ergonomically designed implement was necessary for improving the efficiency of pruning as well as reducing the fatigue of the gardeners. The ergonomics and ease of usage also opened new opportunities for self-use by home users, housewives, and other users with low skills which eliminated the need for specialized gardeners. Their clarity of understanding of the end customer’s need has yielded an array of products catering to a wide range of requirements in Horticulture.

FALCON Products:

  • Falcon Major Steel Secateurs

  • Falcon Pruning Secateurs Professional

  • Falcon FBGK-60 Budding Grafting Knife

  • Falcon FPS-100 Manual Steel Pruning Saw

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