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18 Liter Battery sprayer (12/8)
₹2200 ₹3200 31.25% off
Sprengo Portable Power Sprayer
₹3200 ₹4500 28.88% off
Agri 6
TP 11
TP 3
Gumtree Yellow Sticky Traps
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Gumtree Blue Sticky traps
₹981 ₹1200 18.25% off
Krish e smart kit
₹4995 ₹7999 37.55% off

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Agricultural Tools:

A farmer can benefit greatly from using agricultural tools because they increase the effectiveness of the labor the farmer undertakes and increase productivity. Everything is dependent on the tool and the task it is used for. Without Agricultural-Tools, farming is incomplete. There is a gap between the agricultural tools that are being sold by numerous suppliers and what the farmer actually needs. 

For filling this gap between agricultural tools and the farmers, KhetiGaadi brought you with best online service for buying the best agricultural tools in the easiest way. Khetigaadi has an incredibly wide range of agriculture tools for easy and better farming. These tools have revolutionized the way of farming and they can be used for all primary and secondary agricultural practices. 

These agricultural tools can be operated manually and effortlessly. The tools like Khurpa, Sickle, Rotavator blade, Hoe, etc all can be used for primary tillage practices.

Popular agricultural tools with their uses are described below:

  1. Sickle: A sickle is a hand-held agricultural tool with a variable-curve blade that is typically used for cutting pasture primarily for livestock feeding or harvesting grain crops (either freshly cut or dried as hay). Hand sickles come in a wide variety and are utilized in various civilizations.

  1. Shovel: A shovel is a tool used for lifting, moving, and digging large objects like soil, coal, gravel, snow, and sand. Shovels are widely used in gardening, construction, and agriculture. The majority of shovels are hand tools with a wide blade attached to a handle of middling length.

  1. Axe: The axe is a versatile cutting instrument. In addition to being used against the material to be chopped, little axes are also used to remove shrubs. Used to clear jungle and forests, cut bamboo, and cut timber.

  1. Pickaxe: A hand tool called a pickaxe or pick has a hard head attached perpendicularly to the handle. They are utilized as Agricultural tools, hard surface breakers, and landscaping tools. The blunt end can be used to pull items up while the sharp end breaks up hard surfaces. In many cases, a pickaxe can break up soils that a shovel cannot. The sharp end of the axe can be used to break up rocky or dry, hardened clay soils.

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