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Best Tractor in India

Best Tractor in India will get here. While purchasing tractors farmers go through the overall view of the convenience of the agricultural land, equipment, machinery, transmissions etc. 

When we talk about the tractors, tractors of several brands are available in the market in India. The brand tractors have always been a first priority of the farmers. Overall there are more than twenty brands and above four hundred models are present in the market. 

Each brand represents its own identification and versatility in the market.

Some of the tractor brand names are Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, Swaraj, TAFE, VST, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Powertrac, Force, Solis, etc. On this page, you will get to know about the information about the All Brands Tractors in India, their information, and the topmost leading companies' models, specifications, and many more.

Mahindra Tractor

  • Mahindra tractor is the best and largest selling model in the world.
  • The Mahindra & Mahindra produces variant tractor models such as utility tractors, mini tractors, tractors ranging from 15 HP to 75 HP plus tractors.
  • The best models in Mahindra & Mahindra are Mahindra Yuvraj 215, Mahindra 265 DI Power Plus, Mahindra 475 DI, Mahindra 575 DI, Mahindra 595 DI, Mahindra 275 DI TU.
  • The prices Of Mahindra & Mahindra tractors are also reasonable and affordable for the farmers. The shortest price of Mahindra tractors starts from 2.50 Lac and Mahindra Novo 755 DI is the most expensive tractor price Rs. 12.50 Lac.
  • Reasonable prices become the first choices of the farmers.

John Deere Tractor

  • John Deere tractor is the model name which is based in the USA was established in 1837.
  • John Deere tractor is one of the top leading brands in India and across the world.
  • John Deere tractor focused on manufacturing Diesel Engine, Machinery, agricultural, Construction, etc.
  • John Deere tractor provides excellent performance, high durability, and Low maintenance in the tractors.
  • John Deere tractor also produces mini tractors.
  • John Deere tractors produce engine ratings from 28 HP to 120 HP.
  • John Deere tractor price starts from 5.50 Lac to 24.50 Lac.
  • John Deere tractor 5045 D is the best tractor in John Deere models.
  • John Deere's most popular tractor models are John Deere 5045 D Power Pro, John Deere 5405 Gear Pro, John Deere 5205, John Deere 3036EN.
  • John Deere tractor 6120 B price of 29.20 Lac is the most expensive tractor in India.

New Holland Tractor

  • The oldest brand in the tractor industry is New Holland began its operations in 1998.
  • New Holland tractor produces Tractor, Combine Harvester, grape harvester, forage harvester, haying tools as well as seed equipment.
  • New Holland tractors produce engine ratings from 35 HP to 90 HP.
  • New Holland Tractor price starts from 5.20 Lac and easily fits in the budget of the farmers.
  • The New Holland tractor 3630 TX Super is the best tractor in India.
  • New Holland doesn't manufacture the mini tractors.
  • New Holland tractor TD 5.90 priced at Rs. 25.30 Lac is the most expensive tractor model in the New Holland brand.
  • New Holland tractor provides excellent designs and suitability to the customers.
  • The most popular models in New Holland are New Holland 3630 TX, New Holland 3600-2 TX, New Holland 3230, etc.

TAFE Tractor - Tractor And Farm Equipments Limited

  • Tractors and farm equipment limited is one of the second largest selling brands in India.
  • TAFE tractor was established in 1960 in Chennai.
  • TAFE tractor produces tractors, Farm Machinery, Diesel engines, cylinders, and hydraulic pumps, etc.
  • TAFE tractor is known to be the best dealers amongst two brands- Eicher and Massey Ferguson.
  • TAFE tractor is the best in quality and low-cost operations.
  • TAFE tractor parts are easily available.
  • TAFE tractor 30 DI Orchard Plus is the best tractor in the TAFE model.
  • TAFE tractors produce engine ratings from 30 HP to 100 HP.
  • Tafe tractor 30 DI Orchard Plus, Tafe 35 DI, Tafe 241 DI, Tafe 45 DI, Tafe 5450 DI, Tafe 5900 DI, Tafe 5900 DI 4WD etc. are the popular models of the TAFE brand.
  • TAFE tractor price starts from 4.25 Lac.

Swaraj Tractor

  • Swaraj tractor is a trustworthy brand in India founded in 1947 inspired by the leader Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Swaraj tractor is best in high mileage.
  • Swaraj tractor brand enables the customer by attracting through its tagline i.e. 'Trust, Power and Reliability'.
  • Swaraj tractors produce engine ratings from 15 HP to 65 HP.
  • Swaraj tractors provide the benefits of free service.
  • Swaraj tractor fits in the budget of the farmers.
  • Swaraj tractor's price starts from 2.75 Lac.
  • Swaraj tractor 963 FE priced 8.40 Lac is the most expensive tractor model in Swaraj tractors.
  • Swaraj tractor company also produces mini tractors they are Swaraj 724 XM, Swaraj 825 XM, etc.
  • Swaraj tractor most popular brands are Swaraj 744 FE, Swaraj 735 FE, Swaraj 855 FE.
  • Swaraj has the largest network of dealers across the world.
  • Swaraj tractor 744 FE and Swaraj 855 FE is the latest model of Swaraj in 2020.

Sonalika Tractor

  • Sonalika tractor is an International company established in the year 1995
  • Sonalika tractor focused on the demand of the customers and manufactured tractors other products like agricultural equipment, engine, combine harvester, etc.
  • Sonalika tractors produce engine ratings from 20 HP to 90 HP.
  • Sonalika tractor produces the best application tractors as well.
  • The most popular tractor models in Sonalika are Sonalika DI 745 III, Soanalika 60Max Tiger, Sonalika DI 35 Sikander etc.
  • Sonalika tractor price starts from 3 Lac.
  • Sonalika tractor Worldtrac 90 4WD priced 12.60 Lac is the most expensive tractor in the Sonalika model.
  • Sonalika tractor comes in a wide variety like AC Cabin, 4 Wheel Drive, Mini tractor, etc.

Escorts Tractor

  • Escorts tractor is the product of Escorts Agri Machinery and one of the largest manufacturers in India.
  • Escorts tractors play a vital role in the Farm mechanization.
  • Escorts brand focused on the quality of the product for rural areas.
  • Escorts tractors produce engine ratings from 14 HP to 80 HP.
  • Escorts tractor's price starts from 2.60 Lac.
  • Escorts also manufacture mini and compact tractors.
  • Escorts' most popular models are Escort Farmtrac Smart 45, Escort Josh 335 Tractor. Escort Powertrac Euro 60 etc.
  • Escort Josh 335 priced 5 Lac is the most expensive tractor model in Escort brands.
  • Escorts provide the benefits of high returns.
  • Powertrac, Farmtrac, and Digital brands arrived from the group of Escorts brands.

Force Motors Tractor

  • Force tractor company is one of the famous automobile company.
  • Force tractor company was incorporated in 1958.
  • Force tractors manufacturers latest technological tractors.
  • Force tractors produce engine ratings from 14 HP to 80 HP.
  • Force tractor company produces numerous models in tractors and mini tractors.
  • Force tractor price starts from 4.50 Lac.
  • Force tractor sanman 6000 is the most expensive tractor model.
  • The popular Force tractors are Force Orchard Mini, Force Sanman 5000, Force Abhiman, and Forced Orchard Mini.
  • Force tractor guarantees in providing innovative products.
  • Force tractor has expertise in designs and produced its own tools, engines, axles, gearboxes, etc.
  • Force tractor company has authorized dealers all over India.

Preet Tractor

  • Preet tractor company is the first National winning Award company.
  • Preet tractor company is formulated for the best farm mechanization tractors and higher in productivity.
  • Preet tractor company provides the best services to its customers.
  • Preet tractor price starts from 3.80 Lac.
  • Preet tractor 955 is the best tractor for pulling heavy implements.
  • Preet tractors produce engine ratings from 35 HP to 90 HP.
  • Preet tractors also produce mini tractors.
  • Preet tractor 9049 AC- 4WD is the most expensive tractor model in the Preet brand.
  • Preet tractor 3049 4WD, Preet 2549, Preet 2549 4WD are the popular Preet mini tractors.
  • Preet tractors are based on advanced technology.

Farmtrac Tractor

  • Farmtrac tractor comes in the group of the Escorts company.
  • Farmtrac tractor is known to be the largest selling product in the market.
  • Farmtrac tractor has high fuel efficiency.
  • Farmtrac tractors focused on greater hydraulic lifting capacity.
  • Farmtrac tractor fits in the budget of the farmers.
  • Farmtrac tractor also produces mini tractors.
  • Farmtrac tractor produces engine ratings from 22 HP to 80 HP.
  • Farmtrac Tractor price starts from 4 Lac.
  • Farmtrac tractor 6080 X Pro priced Rs. 12 lac is the most expensive tractor in the Farmtrac model.
  • Farmtrac 60 tractor, Farmtrac 45 tractor, Farmtrac 6055 Classic T 20, etc. are some of the most popular tractors in the Farmtrac brand.

Standard Tractor

  • Standard tractor company was formed in 1975 and tractors were introduced in 2000.
  • Standard tractor's HP range from 35 HP to 75 HP.
  • Standard tractors focused on innovative technology.
  • Standard tractors come at affordable prices and the price starts from 4.90 Lac.
  • Standard tractor DI 490 priced at Rs. 10.90 Lac is the most expensive tractor.
  • Standard DI 460, Standard DI 345, Standard DI 335, etc are some of the most popular tractors in the Standard tractor brand.
  • Standard tractors also provide high mileage, large fuel tank efficiency, powerful engine, hydraulic lifting capacity, and many more.
  • Standard tractors provide the best deal to the farmers on the land.
  • Standard tractors are beneficial in any type of farming.

Indo Farm Tractor

  • Indo Farm Tractors & Motors Ltd. established in1994 in Himachal Pradesh, India.
  • Indo Farm produces mini tractors, cranes, harvesters, and engines.
  • Indo Farm tractors range from 26 HP to 90 HP.
  • Indo Farm provides high power and low maintenance.
  • Indo Farm tractor price starts from 3.90 Lac.
  • Indo Farm 2042 DI, Indo Farm 3048 DI, Indo Farm 3035 DI are some of the most popular tractors in the Indo Farm brand.
  • Indo Farm DI 3090 costs Rs. 16.99 Lac is the most expensive tractor amongst Indo Farm tractor models.
  • Indo Farm 1026 NG is the most popular Indo Farm mini tractor.

Eicher Tractor

  • Eicher tractor is known to be the oldest name in the field of the tractor industry.
  • Eicher tractor comes from the TAFE brand.
  • Eicher tractor produces engines rated from 18 HP to 50 HP.
  • Eicher tractor prices are affordable and fit in the budget of the farmers.
  • Eicher tractor company also produces mini tractors.
  • Eicher tractor 40 Hp are performing the best deals amongst the farmers.
  • Eicher tractor company provides the best warranty services.
  • Eicher Tractor price starts from 2.90 Lac.
  • Eicher 241 XTRAC, Eicher 242, Eicher 188 are some of the best mini tractor models.
  • Eicher 557 priced at Rs. 6.90 Lac is the most expensive tractor amongst Eicher models.
  • Eicher popular tractor models come with high quality, powerful engines, affordable price, powerful engines, etc.
  • Eicher tractor can lift implements like plough, cultivator, rotary tiller, harrow, etc.

Kubota Tractor

  • Kubota tractor is also known as KAI and the largest player in the field of Agricultural Machinery Industry.
  • Kubota tractor focused on comfortability, high performance, high durability, etc.
  • Kubota tractor produces mini tractors.
  • The highest lifting capacity tractor is Kubota MU5501.
  • Kubota tractor price ranges from 4.15 Lac.
  • Kubota tractor MU5501 4WD priced at Rs.10.36 Lac is one of the most expensive tractor models in the Kubota brand.
  • Kubota tractor NeoStar A211N 4WD, Kubota NeoStar B2741 4WD, Kubota A211N-OP are some of the mini tractors of Kubota.
  • Kubota tractors come in economic style.
  • Kubota MU 5501Tractor, Kubota NeoStar B2741, Kubota MU 4501 are the most popular tractor models in Kubota.

Powertrac Tractor

  • Powertrac tractor considered being the most trustable company under the Escort group.
  • Powertrac tractor engine ranges from 25 HP to 60 HP.
  • Powertrac tractors provide better products and are cost-effective.
  • Powertrac tractor price starts from 3.30 Lac.
  • Powertrac also produces a mini tractor.
  • Powertrac tractor 439 Plus, Powertrac Euro 50, Powertrac 434, etc are the most popular models of Powertrac tractors.
  • Powertrac tractor 425 DS, Powertrac 425 N, is the mini tractors of powertrac tractors.
  • Powertrac tractors have more than 1000 certified dealers in India.
  • Powertrac Euro 75 price at Rs.11.90 Lac is the most expensive tractor in Powertrac model.
  • Powertrac tractors come in various series.

Solis Tractor

  • Solis tractor is a farm mechanization company established in 1969.
  • Solis tractor company manufactures compact tractors, utility tractors, and heavy-duty tractors.
  • Solis tractor 4515 E, Solis 4215 E, Solis 5015 E Tractor, Solis 6024 S are the most popular tractor models in the Solis brand.
  • Solis tractors also come in series like E series, SN Series and S Series.
  • SN series tractors are mini tractors.
  • Solis tractor comes in heavy-duty designs.
  • Solis tractor 6024 is the latest tractor in the solis brand.
  • Solis 6024 S price at Rs. 8.70 Lac is the most expensive tractor in Solis brand.
  • Solis tractor price starts from 5.20 Lac.

Massey Ferguson Tractor

  • Massey Ferguson tractor is one of the most reliable brands in the field of the tractor industry.
  • Massey Ferguson tractor was found in 1847.
  • Massey Ferguson tractor focused on high technology and better production
  • Massey Ferguson enables the customer's needs.
  • Massey Ferguson popular models are Massey Ferguson 1035 DI, Massey Ferguson 9500 2WD, Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHA SHAKTI, Massey Ferguson tractor 1035 DI, etc.
  • MF comes with greater mileage.
  • MF also produces a mini tractor.
  • Massey Ferguson's price ranges from 4.70 Lac.
  • Massey Ferguson 9500 Smart 4WD is the latest model in the MF brand.
  • Massey Ferguson 2635 4WD priced 15.20 Lac is the most expensive tractor in the MF brand.
  • MF tractor range starts from 28 HP to 75 HP.

VST Shakti Tractor

  • VST Shakti tractor is the oldest automobile company established in 1911.
  • VST shakti tractor focused on-farm productivity.
  • VST Shakti tractor also focused on rural areas.
  • VST Shakti tractor ranges from 17 HP to 50 HP.
  • VST Shakti tractor price fits in the budget of the customers.
  • VST Shakti tractor price starts from 2.75 Lac.
  • VST Shakti Gro Tech is the latest tractor model.
  • VST Shakti tractor 5025 R Branson, VST Shakti Viraaj XT 9045 DI are the most popular models in the VST brand.
  • VST also provides the best dealer services in India.

Digitrac Tractor

  • Digitrac tractor PP 51i, Digitrac PP 43i, Digitrac PP 46i are some of the popular models in the Digitrac brand.
  • Digitrac tractor engine range starts from 47 HP to 60 HP.
  • Digitrac tractor PP 51i price 6.80 Lac is the most expensive tractor amongst the Digitrac models.
  • Digitrac focused on advanced technology.
  • Digitrac tractor parts are easily available.
  • Digitrac tractor price ranges from 5.65 Lac.
  • Digitrac provides the best warranty service.
  • The highest HP model is Digitrac PP 51 i.
  • Digitrac online facility is available at the KhetiGaadi website.
  • Digitrac was formed in the year 1960

Trakstar Tractor

  • Trakstar tractor is an Agri-equipment organization with an aim focused on the betterment of the lives of farmers of India. The trakstar company trusts that the event of farmers is important and it's only gained through MAXimusGrowth. Trakstar doesn't limit them, they explore what next performed for growth and improvement of the lives of farmers over India at affordable prices.
  • Trakstar tractor is totally focused on quality products.
  • Trakstar Tractor Company contains a strong distribution network over India having 13 area offices and about 225 dealers.
  • Trakstar 531 Tractor, Trakstar 540 Tractor,Trakstar 550 Tractor are the popular models in the Trakstar brand.
  • Trackstar 550 price 6.80 Lac is the most expensive tractor.

Trakstar engine ranges from 31 HP to 50 HP.

ACE Tractor

  • ACE tractor manufacturers tractor in 2008.
  • Ace tractor produces higher quality tractors.
  • Ace tractor ranges from 25.7 HP engine to 61.2 HP engine.
  • Ace Tractor Price starts from Rs.5.00 lakh. ACE DI 9000 4WD is the most expensive tractor which costs Rs.15.60 Lakh.
  • Ace offers a wide range of 35 Hp to 88 Hp. ACE DI-550 NG, ACE DI-350NG, ACE DI-450 are some of the popular tractor models. ACE offers the world's best farm implements in an affordable price range.
  • Ace tractors have all the advanced features that provide comfort and suitability. ACE companies have always cared about Indian farmers, which is why they always produce tractors tailored to the Indian sector.
  • ACE has a strong and effective team of engineers.
  • ACE develops innovative designs and advanced technology products.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractor

  • SAME DEUTZ FAHR Tractors, an international tractor brand famous worldwide for the machines it manufactures. This brand is originally from a European Country. This brand manufactures tractors along with various farm supplements like Harvest Engines, Diesel Engines, and many other Agricultural Appliances. Same Deutz Fahr Tractors, manufacture around 15+ models which range from 36 to 80 HP.
  • KhetiGaadi displays and features all the Same Deutz Fahr tractors, which might suit your needs. Call Us Now to know about the Same Deutz Fahr dealers near you and buy your favorite Same Deutz Fahr Tractor. You can also reach us if you have any queries about Same Deutz Fahr Tractors.
  • Same Deutz Fahr Tractors have a wide range of HP from 36 to 80 HP. The engine of Same Deutz Fahr Tractors has the latest technology and brings benefit to the buyers.
  • Same Deutz Fahr Tractors have International Standards.
  • The Deutz Fahr Tractors are very affordable and bring great benefits to the buyers.
  • For more updates about Same Deutz Fahr Tractors and other farm implements, visit KhetiGaadi and know everything you need to. Same dautz Fahr Agrolux is the most famous model.
  • Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 4045 E with 3 cylinders, 45 hp, Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 4055 E with 3 cylinders, 55 hp is a newly SDF launched tractor.

Indian Tractor Companies

Well, Tractors in India is the profound contributor in the agriculture sector. Mahindra, John Deere, Solis, Eicher, Escorts, New Holland Tractors, Massey Ferguson etc. are the major Indian Tractor Companies in selling the large number of tractors.

The tractor is one of the best utility vehicles of all time, particularly in India. At present, tractor companies are focusing on higher demands of the tractors by the farmers especially on the advanced technology, more output and better results.

  • Mahindra - The most popular brand in India, Mahindra. Mahindra has stood to be the foremost trustworthy and reliable company within the year 2019. Mahindra is one of the best companies that have started within the year 1963 and is constant to point out its powerful presence. Now here are a number of the features and achievements that justify Mahindra’s position as India's favorite tractor brand.
  • Massey Ferguson is a most trustable brand offering a good type of tractors and farm machinery is an icon within the world of tractors since the past century. Massey Ferguson tractors manufacture the tractors with an influence output range from 28 HP to 75 HP. Massey Ferguson tractors use the most effective quality engines which have low maintenance requirements.
  • Swaraj Tractors with low maintenance and better output range is always in demand of the customers.
  • The Eicher brand of tractors is one in all the oldest names within the industry. The Eicher Tractors are one in every of the leading variants of tractors sold in India. It came to the country in 1959 with the venture with Goodearth Company. Later Goodearth sold the Indian a part of the corporation to TAFE. Nowadays, the Eicher tractors are produced under TAFE. Most of the Eicher engines during this segment are air-cooled and may endure long durations at high ambient temperatures, thereby increasing the productivity and profits of the customer.

Why Four Wheel Drive Tractors are most reliable

  • The global four-wheel-drive tractor market is all set to gather promising sales opportunities during the forecast period of 2020 to 2030. The factors that increase the tractor market growth by incorporating advanced technologies in their products.
  • In recent years, the market is witnessing increased consumer inclination toward the use of tractors that help reduce carbon emissions. This strategy helps to boost demand opportunities in the four-wheel-drive tractor market.
  • In recent decades, the majority of farmers from all worldwide locations are growing use of four-wheel drive tractors as agricultural equipment.
  • Major players are using various strategies to gain a prominent market position They include acquisitions, partnerships, mergers, etc. Several vendors are focussing on the innovative designs and strategies to make them effective in the tractors.

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