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Tafe Tractor offers 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive tractors from 30 to 100 HP range with a lightw ...Read More

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36.3 K
Tafe Tractor
Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus 2WD
  • 30 HP
  • 1670 CC
  • 2 Cylinder

Used Tafe Tractors

Tafe 35 DI
550000 36HP
  • 2021
  • 1001 - 2000 Hrs
  • Nagaur RJ
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2.5 K
Tafe 241 DI
200000 42HP
  • 2006
  • 5001 - 6000 Hrs
  • Bharatpur RJ
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2.2 K
Tafe 241 DI
425000 42HP
  • 2018
  • 4001 - 5000 Hrs
  • Visakhapatnam AP
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3.3 K
Tafe 241 DI
190000 42HP
  • 2005
  • Not Available Hrs
  • Shamli UP
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Tafe Tractor Implements

8.1 K
Tafe Rotary Tiller 410V
21-30 HP
Rotary Tiller
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6.9 K
Tafe Power Harrow 615PH
51-60 HP
Power Harrow
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8.6 K
Tafe Disc Plough 228DS
31-40 HP
Disc Plough
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8.3 K
Tafe Mould Board Plough 230MS
41-50 HP
Mould Board Plough
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Tafe Tractor Dealers & Service Centers

Ajay Engineering And Agricultural Equipment Co.

  • Tafe
  • Kotala Colony Bus Stop, Maharashtra State Highway 30, Kotla Colony, Aurangabad-431005, Maharashtra
  • Akluj
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Chandrapur Motors And Tractors

  • Tafe
  • X885+H36, Mul Rd, behind Adarsh Petrol Pump, Bangalicamp,MSEB Colony,Shashtrinagar 442401,Tukum, Chandrapur, Maharashtra
  • Buldhana
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Chopada Wheels

  • Tafe
  • Sonamoti Building, Malegaon Raod, Manmad Tal-Nandgaon,Nashik- 423106, Maharashtra
  • Nashik
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Jadhav Bandhu Tractor

  • Tafe
  • Agra Road, Dhule Devpur, Babhulvadi, Dhule - 424002, G.t.p. Stop,Maharashtra
  • Chandrapur
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About Tafe Tractors

Tafe Tractor offers 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive tractors from 30 to 100 HP range with a lightweight design and efficient engine and affordable Tafe tractor price. The TAFE tractor is compatible with toughness and stands for high standards of perfection and build quality, housing the expertise of TAFE acquired over decades of its being.

TAFE the name represents (T -Tractors A - And F - Farm E - Equipment). TAFE is the oldest manufacturing company in India It was incorporated in 1960 at Chennai. Tafe is expected to be the biggest efficient operation in the tractor brands. It is well versed in various equipment operations and information systems.

Tafe Tractor History

TAFE is one of the major Indian tractor brands established in the year 1960 in Chennai. It is the third-largest manufacturer in the world and second-largest in India by volume. Its association with Massey Ferguson Tractor and AGCO Corporation for over 55 years is one of the best instances of its long-term devotion to stakeholders through fair practices. TAFE Tractor and its branch have different business interests in territories like Tractor Equipment, Diesel engines and gensets, agro engines, Tractor gears and transmission elements, batteries, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, vehicle franchises and plantations.

A big distribution network of over 1000 dealers effectively backs TAFE’s four iconic tractor brands – Massey Ferguson, TAFE, Eicher, and the recently acquired Serbian tractor and agricultural equipment brand IMT – Industrija Mašina I TraktorAnswer: TAFE exports tractors, both in partnership with AGCO and independently, powering farms in over 100 countries which include developed countries in Europe and the Americas.

TAFE is a well known superior technology and dependability. Its association with Massey Ferguson Tractor and AGCO Corporation for over fifty-five years is one of the most effective instances of their semipermanent devotion to stakeholders through truthful practices. TAFE Tractor and its branch have totally different business interests in territories like Tractor instrumentation, Diesel engines, and agro engines. Tractor gears and transmission components, batteries, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, vehicle franchises, and plantations.

TAFE is the best in the distribution network of over 1000 dealers which sells its four tractor brands like Massey Ferguson, TAFE, IMT, and Eicher. TAFE acquired Eicher's tractors, gears, transmission components and engines were acquired by TAFE owned subsidiary in 2005.

 Aon Hewitt has named TAFE the ' Best Employer in India 2013'.

Tafe Tractor Models in India 2024

Best Tafe Tractor In India: Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus, Tafe 35 DI, Tafe 241 DI, Tafe 45 DI, Tafe 5450 DI, Tafe 5900 DI, Tafe 5900 DI 4WD, Tafe 7502 DI 4WD, Tafe 7502 DI, Tafe 8502 DI, Tafe 8502 DI 4WD, Tafe 9502 4WD, Tafe 1002 4WD

Best Tafe Tractor in India 

Tafe 7502 DI 4WD - Tafe 7502 DI 4WD is available with 71 HP and has the ability to produce 2200 RPM. This tractor has 4 cylinders with 4000 displacements in CC. It is also available with the other benefits of accessories. This tractor model is also available with a dual-clutch. Tafe tractor models have 11.4 X 24 mm front size tyre and 16.9 X 30 mm rear size tyres.  The total weight consists of 3130 Kg. 

Tafe 5900 DI 2WD - Tafe 5900 DI is a 56 HP tractor.Tafe 5900 DI  can work at 2300 RPM.  It consists of a 2050 kg lifting capacity. Tafe 5900 DI tractor has a wet type air filter function. Tafe 5900 DI has 3600 mm in length and 1865 mm in width. It is provided with a dual clutch system.

Tafe 45 DI 2WD - Tafe 45 DI is Tafe 45 DI is a 46 HP tractor.Tafe 45 DI  can work at 2250 RPM. Tafe 45 DI consists of a 1450 kg lifting capacity. It is available in a single and optional clutch system. Tafe 45 DI has 3230 mm in length and 1700 mm in width. It is also available with single and dual- clutch systems.

Tafe Tractor Keypoints For Farmer

Tafe Tractor Dealership & Service Center

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Tafe Tractor Price in India

Tafe Tractor ModelTafe Tractor HPNo of Tafe CylinderTafe Tractor Price
Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus30 HP2 Cylinder4.24 - 4.59 Lac
Tafe 35 DI36 HP3 CylinderNA
Tafe 241 DI41 HP3 Cylinder7.00 - 7.10 Lac
Tafe 45 DI46 HP3 Cylinder5.15 - 5.30 Lac
Tafe 5450 DI51 HP3 CylinderNA
Tafe 5900 DI56 HP4 Cylinder10.00 - 10.12 Lac
Tafe 5900 DI 4WD56 HP4 Cylinder10.00 - 10.10 Lac
Tafe 7502 DI71 HP4 Cylinder7.00 - 7.10 Lac
Tafe 7502 DI 4WD71 HP4 Cylinder10.00 - 10.05 Lac
Tafe 8502 DI 2WD81 HP4 Cylinder7.00 - 7.02 Lac
Tafe 8502 DI 4WD81 HP4 Cylinder10.00 - 10.05 Lac
Tafe 9502 4WD90 HP4 Cylinder10.00 - 10.02 Lac
Tafe 1002 4WD100 HP4 Cylinder7.00 - 7.05 Lac

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Tafe Tractor Related FAQs

Ans : The total weight of TAFE 8502 is 2720 kg.

Ans : TAFE 8502 DI has 81 hp, displacement cc 4000.

Ans : TAFE 7250 DI has 3 cylinder engine.

Ans : TAFE 1035 DI has 36 HP.

Ans : TAFE 241 DI tractor wheelbase is 1785 mm.

Ans : TAFE 35 DI is the most popular tractor with a 36 hp powered engine.

Ans : The highest HP in TAFE is the TAFE 1002, 4-wheel drive which is available with 100 HP .

Ans : TAFE 1002 4-wheel drive tractor price starts from Rs.7 lacs.

Ans : TAFE 30 Orchard Plus is the lowest HP tractor model.

Ans : TAFE tractor models are blessed with distinctive features like high mileage and excellent fuel tank capacity which helps in longer working life.

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