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Agribot Drone MX

Agriculture Drone

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* Quick Spray: 1 acre spray in just 7 minutes (25–30 acres spray in a day)
* Less Water Usage: Only 8–10 litres of water required in 1 acre
* SAFETY: Drone is very safe for the farmer or operator. No damage to crops, soil, or consumers of crop
* 2 in 1 Agri drone: Spray & Broadcast 
* Essential Safety Features: RADAR-based Collision Avoidance and Terrain Following Smart Battery failsafe
* Fleet Management: Owner can monitor the utilisation and output of drone on computer using Dashboard provided
* Financial assistance: 90% Unsecured Bank loan under AIF @ 6% rate of interest
* Sales and Service Network: Across India

* Licence & Certification:  We provide assistance in getting UIN, Insurance, Pilot certificate

Product Key Features & SpecificationsAGRIBOT MX
DGCA ApprovedYes
StructureHexacopter Structure
Aircraft Maximum Takeoff Weight27.32Kg
Diagonal wheelbase of frame1290mm
Folded size (L x B x H)611mm* 611mm* 580mm
Maximum Height30 Meters
Battery Type & LifeLithium Ion Battery , Life is upto 500 Cycles
Battery Capacity25200 mAh
ACRES PER Battery Charge3
Dashboard - ONLINEYes
4G ConnectivityYes
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