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HP Category : 31 HP
Displacement CC in : 2235 CC
No. of cylinder : 3 Cylinder
Gear Box Type : 8 Forward + 2 Reverse Partial constant Mesh
Max PTO (HP) : 26.4 HP
Price : 5.5 Lakh - 5.8 Lakh

Trakstar 531 Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 31 HP
  • 2WD
  • 2235 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
  • 8 Forward + 2 Reverse Partial constant Mesh
  • 26.4 HP

Trakstar 531 is a powerful engine tractor with 31 HP that generates 21000 RPM. It is good for the field. Trakstar 531 is superior in features. It is easy to operate and can be further used for applications like rotavators, cultivators, planters, ploughs, etc. 

Trakstar 531 is perfect for cultivating crops like wheat, rice, sugarcane, etc. It also comes with an excellent water-cooled cooling system. Its design is unique and provided in blue colour. The overall weight of the tractor carries 1805 KG. An oil-immersed brake helps in low slippage and more gripping. The reflecting light will help from a safety point of view.

Trakstar 531 varies from one state to another and costs from 5.5 Lac. To know about the Tractor Price contact Khetigaadi executives.

Trakstar 531 Features

  • It comes with a single clutch feature.
  • Trakstar 531 can load 1400 Kg of lifting capacity.
  • Trakstar 531 is provided with a GPS locator system.
  • Trakstar 531 is efficient in mileage.
  • Trakstar 531 has 63 liters of fuel tank capacity.

Trakstar 531 Specifications

HP Category31 HP
Engine Capacity2235 CC
Engine Rated RPM2100 RPM 
No of Cylinder3
Brake TypeOil Immersed 
Steering TypeMechanical steering
PTO Power26.4 HP 

Question:  What is the price of Trakstar 531?

Answer:  Trakstar 531 price starts from Rs 5.5 Lac.

Question:  What is Trakstar 531 HP?

Answer: Trakstar 531 is a 31HP tractor.

Question:   How many cylinders are there in the Trakstar 531 tractor?

Answer: There are 3 cylinders in Trakstar 531.

Question:  What is the Trakstar 531 mileage?

Answer: Trakstar 531 mileage is 63 litres.

User Reviews of Trakstar 531 Tractor

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This is Best Tractor in India

“ This is Best Tractor in India ”

By NIKHIL MAHAMUNI 30 November -0001

Affordable Tractor

“ trakstar tractor 531 price is affordable to ... ”

By MANSING Patil 18 March 2022

work fluently in farm.

“ फायदाच फायदा ”

By Sagar Patil 25 March 2022

Affordable Tractor

“ trakstar tractor 531 price is affordable to ... ”

By MANSING Patil 18 March 2022


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