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New Holland SIMBA 20

HP Category : 17 HP
Displacement CC in : 947.4 CC
No. of cylinder : 1 Cylinder
Max PTO (HP) : 13.4 HP HP
Price : Starting from 3.50 Lakh

New Holland SIMBA 20 Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 17 HP
  • 2WD
  • 947.4 CC
  • 1 Cylinder
  • 13.4 HP HP

About New Holland Simba 20 2WD

The New Holland Simba 20 2WD is a mini tractor suited for light farming and horticulture. A 17-hp engine provides enough power to tackle standard tasks; tilling, planting, and moving of materials. An assist is provided by the 2WD configuration: sufficient traction for most flat terrains, as found in orchards, vineyards, and small fields. With a compact size for tight space maneuverability and a forward control design for operator comfort over long hours, these machines operate like a dream. A simple control system, robust build, and minimal maintenance requirement make the Simba 20 an attractive proposition for any farmers in need of a compact, reliable tool to help get their seeds off to the best start possible. On top of that, the TE 250i is highly cost effective and fuel efficient for those looking to make their downtime on the trail as minimal as possible while maximizing the fuel to ride time. Ultimately, this is a worthwhile tractor that offers an alluring productivity and usability for any common agricultural work.

New Holland Simba 20 2WD Features

  • The New Holland Simba 20 2WD has a 17 HP powered engine.

  • New Holland Simba 20 has a Naturally Aspired engine type.

  • The New Holland Simba 20 2WD has a lifting capacity of 750 kg.

  • The New Holland Simba 20 2WD has an Oil Immersed Disk Brake.

  • New Holland Simba 20 has a 1 Cylinder engine.

  • New Holland Simba 20 2WD has 13.4 PTO HP.

  • It has an Oil Bath with a Pre-cleaner air cleaner.

New Holland Simba 20 2WD Specification

Tractor Specifications

HP Category
17 HP
Lifting Capacity
750 kg
Engine Rated RPM
2200 RPM
No. of Cylinder
1 Cylinder
Brake Type
Oil Immersed Disc Brakes
Steering Type
Mechanical Steering
PTO Power
13.4 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity 
20 Litre
Air Cleaner
Oil Bath with Pre-cleaner

What is the New Holland Simba 20 2WD Starting Price?

The New Holland Simba 20 2WD is an economical and efficient choice for small-scale farmers and horticulturalists who can now have a starting price of Rs 3,50,000. This compact 20-horsepower tractor is a favorite for small to medium jobs such as tiling, planting, and general material movement. Designed for flat terrains and confined spaces - perfect for a 2WD configuration while also promoting operator comfort and productivity For purchasing and selling tractors KhetiGaadi is the best platform. Being a user-friendly platform Khetigaadi assures you with detailed listings and unmatched preference in buying and selling which creates a value of mutual trust between Khetigaadi buyers and sellers. Additionally, the platform provides expert reviews and thorough insights to help users choose wisely. This is where KhetiGaadi comes into play, KhetiGaadi is the platform that automates the procedure of both buying and selling tractors in a secure and yielding manner which justifies it as the marketplace for agricultural machinery.

Why should you select the New Holland Simba 20 2WD?

Light range farmers and horticulturists should consider it In short, the New Holland Simba 20 2WD is Very impressive. Powered by a single-cylinder engine type, this 17 HP tractor has an impressive performance capacity that makes it perfect for a number of farming jobs. It can handle heavy implements and materials with its 750 kg lifting capacity. These oil-immersed disc brakes offer a high level of braking performance and durability, thus ensuring a safer operation. Mechanical steering enables smooth movement in tight areas, perfect for working in orchards or vineyards. The Simba 20 2WD provides 13.4 HP PTO power, enabling it to effectively power a wide range of implements, improving productivity. In addition, its 20-litre fuel tank provides it with one less refueling interruption. An oil bath air cleaner with a pre-cleaner is provided to ensure maximum engine life and performance. With so many innovative features, the New Holland Simba 20 2WD is a great overall choice for anyone looking to optimize how they manage farming land.

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