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New Holland 3032 TX Smart

HP Category : 35 HP
Max PTO (HP) : 33 HP HP
Price : Starting from 5.35 Lakh

New Holland 3032 TX Smart Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 35 HP
  • 2WD
  • 33 HP HP

About New Holland 3032 TX Smart 

New Holland 3032 TX Smart is a multi-utility, highly efficient tractor that suits the tremendous needs of today's modern farming. Packing a brawn 35 HP engine that ensures consistent power and fuel efficiency, it is fit for most farming applications. It features an advanced transmission system for quick work cycles, improved response, and easier control, which help boost productivity and reduce operator fatigue. Featuring an ergonomic design with a comfortable seating arrangement and easy-to-use controls, the 3032 TX Smart is built for operator comfort on long work days. Furthermore, its small size gives it great agility in small spaces, meaning that it is also suited to small and medium-sized farms. With the contemporary doodads and rigid structure, the New Holland 3032 TX Smart proves to be a resourceful alternative that provides robust utility for the farmers demanding a hard-wearing, high-performance across a vigorous extent of agri-applications and a tractor that is proven to last for years to come.

New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD Features

  • The New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD has a 35 HP powered engine.

  • New Holland 3032 TX Smart has a Naturally Aspired engine type.

  • The 3032 TX Smart 2WD has a lifting capacity of 1100 kg.

  • The New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD has an Oil Immersed Multi Disk Brake.

  • New Holland 3032 TX Smart has a Single Clutch.

  • New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD has 33 PTO HP.

  • It has an Oil Bath Type with a Pre-cleaner air cleaner.

New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD Specification

Tractor Specifications

HP Category
35 HP
Lifting Capacity
1100 kg
Engine Rated RPM 
2000 RPM
Clutch Type
Single Clutch
Brake Type
Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes
Steering Type
Mechanical/Power Steering
PTO Power
33 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity
42 Litre
Air Cleaner
Oil Bath Type with Pre-cleaner

What is the New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD Starting Price?

The New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD is a good and value for money option for farmers, starting from Rs 535,000. With a mix of power, efficiency, and adaptability, this is an ideal tractor for numerous agricultural functions. With 32 HP, this engine provides plenty of power, yet it's extremely fuel efficient, so running costs are lower. The ergonomically designed body not only provides maximum comfort in use but also allows for better control in a confined area—perfect for a small field or where space is limited. KhetiGaadi is the best marketplace for farmers, where they sell and buy their agricultural machinery and equipment. When you create the farming marketplace, you can offer one location for comprehensive information regarding farm equipment, expert advice from other farmers, reviews on stuff to buy, and competitive pricing on a variety of equipment. Furthermore, KhetiGaadi’s wide outreach and expert guidance guarantee that buyers and sellers can make well-informed decisions· the purchase or sale of tractors so this way of buying & selling farm machinery becomes upgrade without inconvenience & time-consuming.

Why should you choose the New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD?

New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD is one of the best tractors for Indian farmers because this tractor comes with a durable engine and its specifications are mind-blowing. It has a 35 HP engine and gives plenty of power to tackle a lot of agricultural chores with ease. With a lifting capacity of 1100 kg, it has the possibility to handle quite extensive loads. It has a rated RPM of 2000, making for a stable and smooth engine. This helps the tractor be more user-friendly due to easier gear changes with a single clutch system. Safety and security are crucial, and oil-immersed multiple-disc brakes offer excellent stopping power and wear resistance. It features two steering options—mechanical and power steering—that provide better maneuverability and reduce operator fatigue. It delivers a 33 HP of PTO power for use with different kinds of implements, to maximize its versatility. Its 42-liter large fuel tank allows prolonged working time without the need for frequent refueling and the oil bath type air cleaner has pre-cleaner for dust- and debris-free clean air, which leads to minimum engine maintenance. In total, the New Holland 3032 TX Smart 2WD has the right mix of Power, Efficiency, and adaptability, which places it at the top of the modern farming list.

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