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Massey Ferguson 1030 DI MAHASHAKTI

HP Category : 30 HP
Displacement CC in : 2270 CC
No. of cylinder : 3 Cylinder
Max PTO (HP) : 25.5 HP
Price : 5 Lakh - 5.45 Lakh

Massey Ferguson 1030 DI MAHASHAKTI Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 30 HP
  • 2WD
  • 2270 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
  • 25.5 HP

Massey Ferguson 1030 DI MAHASHAKTI :

Massey Ferguson 1030 DI MAHASHAKTI is manufactured by a TAFE tractor company with an amazing and attractive design. Here we are giving you all the important information about the Massey Ferguson 1030 DI MAHASHAKTI tractor model.

Massey Ferguson 1030 DI Maha Shakti Tractor Engine Capacity:

It has the horsepower of a 30 HP tractor. Its engine capacity is 2270 cc and it has 3 cylinders generating 1500 engine-rated RPM. This combination is very nice for the buyers.

How is Massey Ferguson 1030 DI Maha Shakti best for you?

It has a single clutch, which provides smooth and easy functioning. Its type is manual steering from that tractor, which is easy to control and has a fast response. The tractor has dry disc brakes, which provide high grip and low slippage. Massey Ferguson tractor 1030 DI MAHASHAKTI has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1100 kg and its mileage is economical in every field. These options make it sensible for implements like cultivators, rotavators, plows, planters, and others.

Massey Ferguson 1030 DI MAHASHAKTI Specifications:

No. Of Cylinder


HP Category

30 HP

Capacity CC

2270 CC

Engine Rated RPM

540 RPM



Transmission Type

Sliding mesh



Gear Box

6 Forward + 2 Reverse


12 V 75 AH


12 V 36 A

Forward Speed

23.8 kmph


Dry Disc Brakes

Steering Type


Steering Column

Draft Position And Response Control Links

Power Take Off Type

Live Single Speed PTO


540 RPM @ 1500 ERPM

Fuel Tank Capacity

47 litre

Total Weight

1720 KG

Wheel Base

1835 MM

Overall Length

3320 MM

Overall Width

1675 MM

Ground Clearance

340 MM

Turning Radius With Brakes

2800 MM

Hydraulics Lifting Capacity

1100 kgf

Wheel drive

2 WD


6.00 x 16


12.4 x 28


Tool, Toplink, Canopy, Hook, Bumpher, Drawbar



Massey Ferguson 1030 DI Mahashakti Tractor Specifications in Details

Engine and Performance

  • There are 30 horsepower in the Massey 1030 HP. This tractor's 3-cylinder engine is designed to deliver a powerful yet fuel-efficient performance. It can therefore easily manage a range of agriculture work.

  • The engine capacity of this model, which has a SIMPSONS S318.1 TIII A engine, is 2270 cc. This provides more power, excellent mileage, and strong torque. A large engine capacity allows the tractor to produce more power for difficult tasks.

  • The MF 1030 DI model includes an inline fuel pump. It supplies fuel to every cylinder in the engine separately.


  • There are 25.5 horsepower in the Massey Ferguson 1030 DI PTO. Many PTO-driven attachments, including rotavators, fertiliser broadcasters, and mist blowers, can be used with the tractor due to its PTO horsepower.


  • There is a single clutch available for this Massey Ferguson type. For engaging and disengaging the transfer of power, this clutch features a single friction plate. It is also an affordable option because it is easy to use and maintain.

  • 6 Forward + 2 Reverse gears are available from its gearbox. This enables the operator to choose a certain speed based on the requirements of the farm operation. Thus, these gear ratios contribute to the tractor's increased efficiency. It can also go forward at a speed of 23.8 km/h.


  • The lifting capacity of this MF type is 1100 kg. There is a Category I 3-Point Linkage included with the vehicle. In terms of hydraulics, it is outstanding since it facilitates the smooth operation of large hydraulic tools such as Tipping Type Tractor Trailers.

User Reviews of Massey Ferguson 1030 DI MAHASHAKTI Tractor

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“ New tector ”

By Shivraj Gunjal 22 January 2022

Rajasthan Jaisalmer

“ 345001 ”

By K Khan 30 April 2024

Super Duper

“ I love you ”

By Mohit Meena 30 November -0001


“ Super ”

By Rs goudr Ramesh 30 November -0001

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FAQS - ABOUT Massey Ferguson 1030 DI MAHASHAKTI Tractor

Ans : A tractor with 33 HP is the Massey Ferguson 1030 Mahashakti.

Ans : The lifting capacity of the Massey Ferguson 1030 Mahashakti is 1100 kg.

Ans : Manual steering is available on the Massey Ferguson 1030 Mahashakti tractor.

Ans : Find nearby Massey Ferguson 1030 Mahashakti dealers at KhetiGaadi.

Ans : The brakes of the Massey Ferguson 1030 Mahashakti tractor are Dry Disc Brake.

Ans : 6F + 2R gears are included in the Massey Ferguson 1030 Mahashakti Tractor.

Ans : The fuel tank capacity of the Massey Ferguson 1030 Mahashakti Tractor is 47 litres.

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