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Combine Harvester in india

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About Combine Harvester

Combine harvester is the best agricultural machinery used to harvest the crop. This type of harvester performs multiple operations like winnowing, reaping or cutting, and threshing. The price of a combine harvester is greater than the price of other agricultural machines. The price range of a combine harvester is 15.50 - 26.70 Lakh. Benefits of Combine Harvester: Combine harvester helps farmers to get quality grain. It reduces crop loss and cost of work. Multipurpose harvester that decreases time and work effort. The most popular Combine Harvester in India are: Mahindra Arjun 605 Preet 987 New Holland TC5.30 Dasmesh 9100 Self Combine Harvester Kubota HARVESKING DC-68G-HK Kartar 4000 There are three types of Combine Harvester- Pull Type Harvesting Combines, Pull Type Harvesting Combines with Auxiliary Engine, Self Propelled Harvesting Combine. Khetigaadi provides you detailed information about Combine harvester price, specifications, models, images, news, reviews in India, benefits and uses of combine harvester in agriculture farming
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