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About Brush Cutter

What is a Brush Cutter?

The brush cutter is an agricultural and landscaping tool. It is also known as clearing saws or brush saws. This tool is more powerful as compared to trimmers. The brush cutter tool is used for trimming, cutting, and landscaping purposes. Brush cutter available in different designs, colors, sizes, capabilities, and motor variations. Cutter connected to the tractor through the 3-point linkage of the lift. The starting price of the brush cutter is Rs 8899 - 38187.

Best brands of Brush Cutter are:  STIHL, Balwaan, Husqvarna, Honda, Pubert, Neptune.

Popular Brush Cutter by Brands

Three Main Components of Brush Cutter

  1. Power Unit
  2. Pole/shaft
  3. Cutting head

Brush Cutter Advantages

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Brush Cutter FAQ 

Question: What is the starting price of a Brush Cutter?

Answer: The starting price of the brush cutter: is Rs.8899 - 38187.

Question: What are the main components of Brush Cutter?

Answer: Power Unit, Pole/shaft, and Cutting head are the main components of brush cutter.

Question: What are the best brands of brush cutters?  

Answer: Balwaan, Honda, Neptune, Pubert, and STIHL. 

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Implement Price Related FAQ's

Ans : Standard Tractor is 30 HP to 90 HP .

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