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KhetiGaadi is all about you- Are you a tractor owner, and want to rent your tractor or Tractor for sale to genuine people all over India? Join, a free Tractor listing site wherein you can post free Tractor ads online to list Tractor for sale or post ads for Tractor rent. All you need to do is enter the Tractor owners contact details and tractors information with latest Tractor images. will help your Tractor get the much-needed visibility. Your Tractor advertisement will be viewed by millions of buyers and tenants in India. We find customers who are looking for Tractor and collect information & verify their requirements. KhetiGaadi identifies relevant Tractor Owners based on the service type, location preference, and other factors. Once the match is found, we send the customers information to the matched Tractor Owner. The Tractor Owner can contact the customers directly.

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